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Survey: Urban provincial parks

Share your feedback on a proposed urban provincial park in the Township of Uxbridge, and tell us what you believe an urban park could be.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Review this map of the proposed study area under consideration. Part of this area could become Uxbridge Urban Provincial Park.

Map showing study area under consideration for Uxbridge urban provincial park

Map showing area being considered for the creation of a new urban provincial park in the Township of Uxbridge. The study area is 10,950 hectares (more than 27,000 acres) of land located 25 kilometers east of Newmarket and 50 kilometers northeast of Toronto.


If you have any additional comments, email [email protected] with the subject heading “Uxbridge Urban Provincial Park Comments”.

Your privacy matters

Your personal information is being collected under the authority of Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 to help us understand the public’s needs and expectations for a proposed new urban provincial park near Uxbridge. All submissions received are considered public information. They will be reviewed and may be used by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).

Your information will not be placed on mailing lists or released to any third party.

Comments (not including personal information) will become part of the consultation record and may be shared with the general public. Personal information may be used by MECP to follow-up with you upon request or when required. It will also be used to send you information about future MECP initiatives involving this proposed provincial park. Please indicate in your response if you do not wish to be notified of new initiatives.

Submissions are closed.